Punchdrunk - Sleep No More

This huge project has been incredible to work on, it’s a 6 story building immersive theatre show with over 30 hours of audio across 90 rooms. The audience walk freely around the set engaging with a truly remarkable piece of work. Sleep No More began in London and has since been a success in Boston and New York, it will be it’s biggest incarnation yet in Shanghai, where I was based for the last 4 months of 2016.

My main roles include:
- Creating audio content for the show which varies from musical composition to abstract soundscape.
- I composed an original piece of music for the show. (will add snippet when i've been given the 'ok')
- Working with the existing audio and reworking it for the new space.
- Consulting with the Yamaha installation team.
- Consulting on all aspects of sound in the show.
- Mixing the show.
- Using Qlab to distribute audio and cue up sound in the correct sound zones.
- Working with surround sound, including an 8 channel setup in one of the spaces.
- Communicating with all departments to ensure we meet deadlines for sneak previews, previews and eventually the grand opening.


The show has already generated attention across China and worldwide, the first three-month batch of tickets sold out in 4 days. It has had coverage on the national news as well as being backed by the British Arts Council.